Friday, May 24, 2013

Celebrating five years, together

We recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of HudsonAlpha, and we're excited to see what the future holds. HudsonAlpha's president and director, Dr. Rick Myers, shares highlights of the past five years and his hopes for the future. We hope you'll enjoy reading Dr. Myers' thoughts as well as perusing some photographs from our anniversary celebration. We look forward to serving the Madison County community for years to come. 

Dear Friends,

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, the brainchild of founders Jim Hudson and Lonnie McMillian, opened its doors in 2008. The passion of these serial entrepreneurs to make the world a better place through genomic and genetic discoveries and applications has flourished in the five years since we started together, evidenced by the institute’s multifaceted growth.

I share Lonnie’s and Jim’s passion. The elation I feel for how far we’ve come in making a positive difference is eclipsed only by the excitement I have for what’s ahead. Genomic research, educational outreach and economic development; each of these mission areas is a precursor to advancing quality of life. Together, they are powerfully synergistic and at HudsonAlpha.

Progress has many measures. By sheer numbers, I can point to an expanding research team. We have added four faculty investigators running research and discovery laboratories since they institute’s debut, bringing us to a total of 10 faculty. Our educational outreach programs have expanded dramatically and have begun to have a major impact throughout the state and the whole country. We now have more than doubled the number of for-profit companies on our biotech campus since our opening ceremonies and additional companies are ramping up.

By many accounts, HudsonAlpha has made a mark on the world. Successfully competing for research initiatives in a highly competitive funding environment; continuing work on milestone projects like the ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements, multiple cancer and treatment response studies, brain and heart disease projects and many others, all of which strive to identify genomic pathways of health and disease; filing patents for knowledge emerging from HudsonAlpha labs; advising leading technology companies on improving processes and productivity in data and knowledge acquisition; weighing in on how to advance science achievement in schools and shore up the nation’s workforce pipeline. These only skim the surface of a broader, deeper collective resource pool that beckons scientists, educators and business professionals.

Each institute and campus resident offers valuable insight, skills, opinions, questions and answers. Your questions also have great value. When I noted that it has been five years since we started, you are included. The passion to execute research, education and economic development activities on behalf of public good is inextricably linked to widespread understanding of benefits. As a nation, defending research investment equates to defending the health and livelihood of its citizenry. The evidence continues to mount that great benefits are ahead.

Want to learn more? Ask. Share the news. Spread the passion. Feel the excitement of scientific discovery and help make a positive difference.

You’re invited to participate. Please join us!

With warmest regards,

Rick Myers


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