Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Positive Exposure@HudsonAlpha

Dr. (Neil) Lamb first mentioned Rick Guidotti to me about a year ago. After some additional research and snooping, I knew this was something HudsonAlpha needed to be part of. It's hard to believe it's been nearly a year since that initial design meeting with our researchers. At the time, I couldn't remember Guidotti's name (sorry Rick) and all I could say was something like, "Neil... has a friend... TED Talk... photographer... must get him here for a photo shoot!"

Our team put together a great event a few months ago where the kids came out to the institute. All I had to do was keep rolling footage. I was excited to work on a project about such potentially pivotal research, and I was excited about connecting with another artist that also worked with scientists. Little did I know that was only the beginning of the excitement. 

Starting today, you can view Positive Exposure at the Huntsville Museum of Art. Each of the children photographed in the exhibit live in North Alabama. Like your children, they are smart and funny; they laugh and giggle; they play and sing. The difference is they have a genetic disorder that in many cases, has an unknown origin. The launch of Rick's work coincides with new research we're doing at the institute. Through a multi-faceted collaboration, researchers are looking at some of those childhood genetic disorders. The smiling faces you see in Rick's work and the video below could potentially benefit from some of this research. It's amazing.

It's one of my favorite projects the institute has been part of in my five years here, and I can't wait to see what happens next. If you're interested in learning more, please join us for our annual spring benefit where these guys will be our focus. 

I hope you'll visit the museum this week and see why I am truly inspired by these kids

JD Frey is the media manager at HudsonAlpha, as well 
as the resident videographer. When he's not behind 
the camera, you can often find him in his studio 
at Lowe Mill. But let's be honest, he's usually behind 
the camera there, too. His newest project includes 
boundless adorable videos of his new baby girl. 


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